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Jim Carroll R.I.P. 2009 (Gran amigo de Keith Richards)...de tanto cantar esta canción, tenía que pasarle.Música.

Rodeado de poesía salvaje no apta para almas sensibles.-
Músico y escritor. Escribió "The Basketball Diaries" que DiCaprio interpretó en la peli del mismo nombre.

Teddy sniffing glue he was 12 years oldFell from the roof on east two-nineCathy was 11 when she pulled the plugOn 26 reds and a bottle of wineBobby got leukemia, 14 years oldHe looked like 65 when he diedHe was a friend of mineRefrain:Those are people who died, diedThose are people who died, diedThose are people who died, diedThose are people who died, diedThey were all my friends, and they diedG-berg and georgie let their gimmicks go rottenSo they died of hepatitis in upper manhattanSly in vietnam took a bullet in the headBobby od'd on drano on the night that he was wedThey were two more friends of mineTwo more friends that died / I miss 'em--they diedRepeat refrainMary took a dry dive from a hotel roomBobby hung himself from a cell in the tombsJudy jumped in front of a subway trainEddie got slit in the jugular veinAnd eddie, I miss you more than all the others,And I salute you brother/ this song is for you my brotherRepeat refrainHerbie pushed tony from the boys' club roofTony thought that his rage was just some goofBut herbie sure gave tony some bitchen proof"hey," herbie said, "tony, can you fly? "But tony couldn't fly . . . tony diedRepeat refrain:Brian got busted on a narco rapHe beat the rap by rattin' on some bikersHe said, hey, I know it's dangerous,But it sure beats riker'sBut the next day he got offedBy the very same bikers

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